Music courses

Whether early musical education, music theory, instrumental lessons, chamber music or string orchestra – our teaching team is united by a love of music. We look forward to share this passion with you and your children!

Making music together, whether in a chamber music group or in a large ensemble, is the best experience for a musician. Learning together with like-minded people is a lot of fun. The students learn together in a relaxed atmosphere and motivate each other to play their instruments. Over the school year, the students grow together as a group and during the weekly courses they learn a repertoire of pieces of music that they will soon present to their audience.

Music theory

Before starting any instrumental lesson, you must have completed at least one year of music theory or two years of early musical education, or, on the recommendation of the teacher, pass an entrance examination.

Early Musical Education

In early musical education, the child is introduced to music in a playful way. In a familiar and sociable atmosphere, together with other children, the child experiences in graphic language how it can immerse itself holistically in the world of music.

Movement, music and language are the elements that are closely linked in early education and that interact constantly. Numerous different tasks give the child the opportunity to develop physically and mentally through the music. Socialization, expressivity, reactivity, imagination and improvisation play a key role and form the basis for further learning about music.

Singing and song processing, voice training, ear training, dance and movement games, learning the beat and basic rhythmic units, as well as elementary playing on percussion instruments are educational content and goal at the same time. The early acquisition of these skills are key elements for the children. They give them a natural access to a later musical education and learning to play an instrument.

brass player

Trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium or tuba – in our music courses you will learn the brass instrument of your choice, from the first notes to wonderful pieces of music.

Woodwind player

Oboe, flute, clarinet, bassoon or saxophone – woodwind instruments are part of every ensemble. Which woodwind instrument would you like to learn?

Stringent instrument

Violin, viola, cello, double bass – with us you will also learn the art of bowing. From the first bow stroke to the most beautiful melody.

Keyboard instrument

Piano & Organ – two wonderful keyboard instruments that should not be missing from our courses.

Stringed instruments

Electric guitar & bass, or would you prefer it to be classic guitar? Visit our instrument courses.

Percussion instruments

What shouldn’t be missing in our repertoire of instruments? The percussion instruments. Whatever classical percussion or drum-sets, with us you can try to learn to hit and play the drums and mallet instruments.


Singing is a wonderful thing. There is hardly anything that can express emotions better than singing. Learn to use your voice musically.

Ensemble / Chamber music

Make music together in an ensemble. This is where the instruments from the other courses come together and combine to create a unique musical experience.

We currently offer ensembles for: Oboe, flute, clarinet, saxophone, brass, strings and percussion.
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