FAQ – Do you have any questions?

You are welcome! You don’t have to make two appointments and you can make all registrations at once.

Of course. Enrollment for former students will take place from June. On these days you can re-register for the courses that you are already learning this year (e.g. you are doing FM2 this year and you are registering for FM3). However, you can also register as a new student for a course that is new to you (e.g. you are learning the trumpet this year and would like to learn percussion next year).

The municipality of Hesperange is aware of the importance of a rich cultural offer in our city and invests a large sum in the music school every year. The sum increases annually by around 15%. But the demand for music courses is also increasing. Places for all courses in the music school are limited. There are currently around 40 students per instrument. Then there are the new students. The piano class and the violin class are the most popular, which is why it is a little more difficult to get a place here. If you are unable to enroll at the Hesperingen Music School, nothing stands in the way of trying another music school or private lessons.

Unfortunately, no. There were always problems with online registrations. There are missing data, the form was filled out incorrectly, and important questions remained unanswered on both sides. For this reason, we decided to register on site, where we can also clarify all questions about the courses and find the right course for you.

Yes, as long as this person can answer all questions (please refer to the previous point in the FAQ). Remember, the child and guardian must fill out the forms.

Unfortunately this is not possible. The reference date for the age of the students is September 1st. You must be 5 years old by September 1st to register for EM2. Unfortunately we do not offer lessons for the younger children.